Ehsān Forqāni

Web developer

Hi! I am a web developer focusing on Back-End with more than 5 years experience of freelancing and voulantary contributions to the Software community. I was born on (20 years old) and I'm pursuing my dreams in Tehran, Iran for now.

Key Skills

Practices: Continuous Integration and Delivery

Methodologies: Scrum, DevOps

Paradigms: Agile, Waterfall

Languages: PHP, JavaScript

Runtime Environments: Node.js

Frameworks: Laravel, Express.js, Apollo GraphQL

Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres

Platforms: GNU/Linux, Docker

Version Control Systems: Git, SVN

Professional experiences

DongiPal (Since September 2018)

DongiPal Startup is my first full-time job experience. They provide solutions in FinTech category. I'm responsible for developing techincal solutions using technologies like Node.js, Yii2 and GraphQL and DevOps engineering.

Freelancing (Since 2014)


Persian Free Software community (Since 2014)

Contributing to Free Software community, specially WordPress, helped me find my way in this industry. Localizing and/or translating Software like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce, developing ParsiDate plugin and translating "http2 explained" book are a few examples of my contributions.

CI/CD basics presentation (Ubuntu release party, Isfahan, Iran / August 23, 2018)

Serverless basics presentation (Tehran LUG #256 / August 15, 2019)

Articles & Publications

Developing a new system from scratch for DongiPal in 2 weeks (Persian)

In this article, I explain my first experience of developing a complete production-grade product and adopting to business-level Agile methodology.

Rewrite Mapping in apache2

I describe what Rewrite Mapping is, why it's useful and how it's done on apache2 webserver.

GitLab blockage cirucumventing on Ubuntu Server (Persian)

A tiny guide for circumventing GitLab blockage on servers. GitLab is being served on Google Cloud Platform, which it blocks Iranian IP.

"http2 explained" book translated to Persian

"http2 explained" is a great reference for developers to acknowledge http2 and its great features. I've translated this good book to Persian.

Scheduling events in WordPress (Persian)

I wrote about WordPress internal cron-free Scheduler system, how it works and how it can be used.





Personal Twitter (mostly in Persian)